Common Vietnamese Last Names

Common Vietnamese Last Names. A Common Bond.

Common Vietnamese Last Names

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  • (last name) surname: the name used to identify the members of a family (as distinguished from each member’s given name)
  • One’s surname
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common vietnamese last names

update info: 3/21/12: top pic of Clare or 'Phuong' and her biological mom 'Phong Le' but they are not vietnamese but polynesians: philippines, 2nd row: pic of Joan or 'Chung' and her biological mother

update info: 3/21/12: top pic of Clare or 'Phuong' and her biological mom 'Phong Le' but they are not vietnamese but polynesians: philippines, 2nd row: pic of Joan or 'Chung' and her biological mother
vietnamese book that Pete or ‘Hiep'(who is Thailandnese not vietnamese) gave Joan/chung this christmas 2011. The 3rd row is a pic of Chris or ‘Dinh’ and his biological mother also ‘missing’ and he is not vietnamese, but chinese/japanese mix origin base on symbolic childhood interest:martial arts: throwin’star/nunchuck/cracker barrel work and jap/anime comic books. And then there’s the picture of my real illuminated biological mother: Huang manLi/Wong man Lee/huang man lei: AKA Mary Je: ‘Mary Wong’ who was an entrepreneur and one of famous leading actress and leading lady of Asian cinemas/films/TV and served 2 terms as president of Film Industry Workers Union. This is where I get my creative and entrepreneur spirit…it’s in my blood! And none of us so call forced to be ‘surrogate’ family siblings meaning a ‘substitute’ taken the place of something or taken the place of being real brothers and sisters: siblings: so no I don’t think any one of us are related it’s a mythodical political, royal bloodline,religious faction conspiracy across the board: and The Nguyen Dynasty : Madame Nhu had a hand in this ‘taken”napster’ royal bloodline matter: there is also a catholic pastor name Nguyen Duc so there’s the connection to the papacy : st. mary’s Poland, st. joseph, pastor Raymond griffin, pastor John Bausch, etc…and let’s not forget Dorothy ‘Hickey’ Boese & John Boese(from the bronx), Jack Cole, Nancy Sophia Jankura, and others who knew and had something to do with this whole conspiracy across the board, etc…and Chi V. Vo (who’s most likely of indeonesian ethnicity of some nature) is not any of us five unwittingly forced to be ‘surrogate’ siblings’ real biological father: but he is with Phong Le (who’s not vietnamese) so that makes Clare or her fake ‘vietnamese’ name ‘Phuong’ to be his step-father: now does everyone sea how intertwine/ wrapped/ complicated this whole conspiracy is: so I don’t blame any of my unwittingly ‘forced’ to be ‘surrogate siblings’ for what conspired but all four: Pete, Clare, Joan, Chris knew about the conspiracy way before I knew ‘cuz obviously I’m the ‘target’ being conspired on…because I have the royal illuminated bloodline and was the one ‘taken’ ‘stolen’ from my real enlightened parents of ‘Van duyn’ and ‘Li-family: tang/tartar/silla-tang’ bloodline: to what extent the other 4 ‘surrogate’ siblings was told about the conspiracy and when ( when they were kids or grown) I’m not sure: They probably couldn’t tell me because there was too much at stake for them. So, I don’t blame them…information have leaked out to me that’there’s only one ‘blue’ or only one that has the royal bloodline’ and I’m obviously the one…the rest of the ‘surrogate siblings’ and 2 moles don’t have the bloodline. but are now wrapped up in the other hidden secret society: masonic and other lower conduit: rolling stones: the girls marrying off to the childhood boys that I was either friends/ infactuated with or had something to do with my royal bloodline:it’s in these boys’ surname that I unwittingly was unaware of: case in point: I knew a william ‘willy’ williamson:liked him and Joan/Chung knew a jeff Williamson and is now married to him: ‘key surname’, and Clare/Phuong: had a friend rich schneider: end of 2002 beginning of 2003 clare sets me up with rich schneider for one date: I told her he was ‘kool’ then the begining of 2003 they got married: possibly that date was for my symbolic ‘approval’ and the surname ‘schneider’ is linked to my royal bloodline across the board. and now she started a bow business and goes to arts & crafts and trade.javit show: odd or a definite probing and linking to what I do, aye maties? then we have Pete and Chris: Pete gets admitted to harvard/ governors school, I think there was possibly a methodical placing and displacing a switcharoo possibly in the order and placing of all of our school admittance, I’m pretty sure I was smart enough to make it into ivy league/harvard/yale etc…case in point: I was the 1st of all of us forced to be ‘surrogated’ siblings to start my own business: pete followed during the same time 1997-1998: when I began putting together informations to start a soup/merchadise business: he started the .com business in 1997 at the end of the .com boom & bust: now wouldn’t u think Pete should have gotten in on the .com business when it was at it’s inception not at it’s peak at the end? I believe Pete is a smart ‘surrogate’ sibling. yes, he was groomed for it but think he was an unwittingly product of or catalyst for this conspiracy to occur…and chris was also an unwittingly catalyst of this conspiracy: he’s now married to christina mervyn or spell mervin and had worked for ‘cracker barrel’ where they met and he is also friends with childhood friends that I knew: like Charlie Roberts’, I knew a maureen ‘walker’ and coincidently he also knew a girl with same last name ‘walker’I believe it was marcia ‘walker’ of Thomaston CT. & Chris had a c

Washington, Vietnam Memorial, Veterans Meeting

Washington, Vietnam Memorial, Veterans Meeting
Vietnam Memorial, Meeting between an American and a South Vietnamese Soldiers for the first time in Washington after many years. They met last time in Saigon during the war. They were almost in tears and they wanted a picture together at the Wall. For a brief moment their hands touched together the name of a common friend on the Wall. They were both in tears.